How To Make Peruvian Food Choncholi de Choclo Con Pulpo Anticuchero

Chef Carlo Huerta shows us how to prepare the delicious Grilled Octopus with Anticuhero sauce and famous corn dish from Embarcadero 41 Fusion in Downtown Miami at 168 Se 1st Street.  See the video right here

Octopus (Pulpo) the Antioxidant

Octopus is a low calorie, lean seafood, making it a good way to get protein in your diet without adding too much fat. There are approximately 140 calories per 3 oz. (85g) of octopus, with only 1.8g of fat. Octopus is a very good source of iron, which is a common deficiency leading to weakness, fatigue and anemia.

embarcadero 41 fusion food blog photo tiradito tuesday

Its Tiradito Tuesday at Embarcadero 41 Fusion! Try this Tiradito de Leguado con Pulpo al Limon/“T-RA-D-TO” thinly sliced cut sea bass and octopus
Finely sliced Sea bass and octopus marinated in lime and limo pepper sauce.

Octopus is also a source of calcium, potassium, phosphorus and selenium. It provides several important vitamins including vitamin C, vitamin A and several B vitamins, as well as some omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 is an important nutrient which may decrease the chances of heart disease, as well as cancer and depression. It also seems to boost the immune system and aid in brain development in children.

embarcadero 41 fusion food blog photo pulpo grilled octopus

Pulpo a la parrilla / grilled octopus in “panca” chili pepper sauce
Chargrilled octopus in anticucho sauce (panca pepper and spices) served with asparragus and golden potatoes

Octopus also contains taurine, which is an organic acid that acts as an antioxidant, and may protect against some of the stressful effects of exercise. Taurine is also suspected to help prevent heart disease, although there are no conclusive studies regarding this yet. Some studies have also linked it with improved blood sugar levels, however this also needs further study.

Come by and get your antioxidants and brain power on at Embarcadero 41 Fusion in Downtown Miami at 168 SE 1st Street!

Protein, Omega-3, and Phosphorus OH MY!

Embarcadero 41 Fusion’s classic ceviche is not only delicious but its also healthy!  Ceviche is the dish to try if you like the flavor of raw fish but prefer the texture and appearance of cooked fish. This balance is created by marinating fish in citrus juice. As the main ingredient, fish is the primary source of nutrients in ceviche. Even though different types of fish vary in their nutritional profile, they’re all a rich source of complete protein.  Ceviche is a rich source of protein.


Embarcadero 41 Fusion

Embarcadero 41 Fusion Piqueo Frio Ceviche Con Causa


Any type of fish can be used to make ceviche, but it must be as fresh as possible. The fish is cut into bite-sized pieces, mixed with hot peppers and a variety of other ingredients, such as onions, tomatoes and bell peppers, and then marinated in lime or lemon juice. The acidic juice chemically changes the proteins in much the same way they’d be cooked using heat-based methods. The result is a dish with the color and texture associated with cooked fish but with the freshness and taste of raw fish. It only takes 10 to 20 minutes to marinate the fish until it changes color and is ready to be served.


Depending on the type of fish, a 3-ounce portion provides 15 to 30 grams of protein, giving men 27 to 53 percent of their recommended daily intake, while women gain 33 to 65 percent. Your body needs a regular supply of protein to build and maintain tissues and organs. Proteins also function as antibodies that fight viruses and bacteria, as enzymes that initiate essential biochemical reactions and as messengers that carry information between cells.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are healthy unsaturated fats that reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by fighting inflammation and lowering blood pressure. Some of the fish traditionally used to make ceviche, such as cod or red snapper, only have .2 grams of omega-3 fatty acids in a 3-ounce serving. Other types of fish, including halibut and bass, have 1 gram of omega-3 in the same portion. The recommended daily intake of omega-3 is 1.6 grams for men and 1.1 grams for women.

Vitamin B-12

Vitamin B-12 is needed for the creation of red blood cells, normal neurological functioning and to activate enzymes that convert fat into energy. It also lowers levels of homocysteine in the blood, which is important because elevated homocysteine increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. There is a range of vitamin B-12 content in different types of fish. A 3-ounce serving of cod has .8 micrograms of vitamin B-12 compared with 2.4 micrograms in the same portion of red snapper. That’s a range of 30 to more than 100 percent of the recommended daily intake.


Most of the phosphorus in your body combines with calcium to build bones, but about 15 percent of it circulates through your system filling other essential roles. Phosphorus must be present for a chemical process that activates enzymes and hormones. It also helps maintain the proper acid-base balance in body fluids. Most types of fish provide at least 20 percent of the recommended daily intake of phosphorus in a 3-ounce serving.


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