How To Make Peruvian Food Choncholi de Choclo Con Pulpo Anticuchero

Chef Carlo Huerta shows us how to prepare the delicious Grilled Octopus with Anticuhero sauce and famous corn dish from Embarcadero 41 Fusion in Downtown Miami at 168 Se 1st Street.  See the video right here


How To Make Peruvian Ceviche by Chef Carlo Huerta at Embarcadero 41

Embarcadero 41 in Downtown Miami will be opening its doors this summer at 168 SE 1st Street.  In this video Chef Carlo Huerta prepares Embarcadero 41’s signature dish – the Ceviche


How to Cook Lomo Saltado & Fettuccine a la Huancaina by Chef Carlo Huerta

One of Embarcadero 41 signature dishes is the Lomo Saltado with Fettuccine a la Huancaina.  The Lomo Saltado is a juicy and tender stir fried loin with red onions, spicy yellow pepper and tomatoes.  The Hauncaina sauce is  originates from the Huancayo area of Peru.  It is a savory dish consisting of a spicy cheese sauce and usually served over cold potatoes, but at Embarcadero 41, we do things a little different.


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